The Latest Web Application Development Trends to Chase Tekraze

The Latest Web Application Development Trends to Chase

From its inception onwards, the internet always remained a reason for the change. Now no one on this world is unaware of its influence in our daily lives, knowingly or unknowingly. Similarly, the impact of websites and web applications too changed the fate of the world largely. Because Starting from desktops to laptops, tablets, and smartphones, the people’s way of using websites has changed largely. Web application developers now play a crucial role in the success of any business. Also adopting ways to keep in pace with the changing scenario in web development. The Latest Web Application Development Trends has changed lately.

We have witnessed a very fast moving growth of the technology industry and the speed with which web applications have taken over the cyberspace by storm. As of late, there is no business which can go without an effective web presence and branding to reach to the customers. Web applications set open the windows to an unprecedented avenue of global revenue alongside to spearheading brands.

Latest web development trends

With an unprecedented surge in consumer demands, there are a lot of innovations and strategies when it comes to web development of modern times. It is not an exaggeration if you comment that web applications now rule the cyber world and dictate business domains nowadays. This is the reason why the corporate stay more focused on web application development and the developers stay focused on getting a deeper insight into the latest trends and strategies in web development. Here are a few top web application development trends you need to keep an eye on in 2019.

Motion User Interface

An amazing change in terms of web development which is trending now is the use of ‘motion UI,’ which enables the developers to custom create moderate websites by achieving maximum appreciation. A minimalist website may also get a dynamic life with motion UI.

Chatbots and AI

Users want to get information quickly and as precisely as possible with no intervention. Here comes the importance of chatbots. A chatbot is a typical artificial intelligence application which can almost achieve anything a human support person can do.

Apps on-demand

On-demand model is gaining more popularity lately, which also fuels the fast growth of web application.

Low code web development

Ensuring rapid innovation, the low-code web development model is gaining largely in popularity lately. This will ensure a faster business by deploying scalable applications. Enterprise applications may get largely benefited with low-code development model on a larger scale.

Progressive web application development

With the ability to deliver marvelous user experience and to quickly load, progressive web applications can function without any third-party connections. With this approach, the site owners can ensure optimum user engagement and also conversions with progressive web apps.


Blockchain is proving out to be a happening technology by being effective in the secured data storage without the need for intermediaries to carry out transactions.

Single e-com network

Providing a very efficient and flexible web ecosystem to facilitate integration of many online stores, the single e-com network models as followed by an expert digital marketing company will help enhance the functionality of online stores.

Social selling

By assisting enterprises in generating more business through social media apps and connections, social selling will help businesses to increase sales by taking the right products to the targeted audience as quickly as possible.

Push notification

Mobile notifications are proving out to be an effective mode of user re-engagement.

Some other expected changes in web development in 2019

Along with these clearly visible trends as above, we may expect more things also to happen in web development in the coming days based on the changing trends in the technology industry. Next, let’s discuss a few such expected trends of the future.

Advanced cybersecurity

There may be more innovative modes of protecting networks and data by reducing external threats of any cyber-attacks.

VR and AR

Virtual reality and augmented reality are fast growing trends which may empower easy and more interactive web application development in future, which will help the marketers to get a better hold of the bigger and wider target audience.


Web applications are now changing in forms and patterns while the users shift from desktop and laptops to smaller gadgets, which paved the way to responsive web development. In 2019, we can expect adaptive web applications are becoming a standard.


Similar to adaptability, making websites with varying sections and forms may also be the order of the day in web development.

Video Backgrounds

Gaining more popularity as a web design trend, to gain more attention to the website. Video content and video backdrops may be largely used in the websites of the coming times.

Lazy loading

By taking a tactful approach to showing web content expected by the visitors instantly. Lazy loading will ensure a greater page load experience.

Predictive analytics

Web apps, not simply utilities anymore. These may become an integral part of the workflow. AI may be used to enhance customer experience, and predictive analytics will be used to define the potential user behavior.

As we can see, web application development is moving at a faster pace than expected over the last several years. So, the new-age we developers need to keep up in pace with these changes. To stay ahead in the competition, it is essential for website owners, web developers, and designers to create competent & user-friendly websites. To stay ahead, it is important to understand the current trends and future possibilities. The modern-day web developers need to learn and implement modular JavaScript components to ensure clean and reusable code. They also need to know how to debug JavaScript. It is also important to discover the possibilities of the latest functional and reactive user interface programming.

The key to success in web application development is to stay as close as possible to the user demand in light of the changing technology trends. For this, the developers need to equip themselves with modern technology and understand the concepts of build top-performing and result oriented web applications. Following the trends mentioned above & being open to adapt to the changes in technology. It will help the modern-day developers to bring forth winner web applications.

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