Workflow of Git

. git Directory:

The Hidden .git Repository contained Workspace
The Hidden .git Repository contained Workspace

When you initialised a directory as Git directory by the very first command git init. What is going behind the scene is that a hidden directory is created in the working directory with named .git. This directory will contain all the properties of git objects like commit, configuration, branches.

File Contained in .git Repository
Img: File Contained in .git Repository

To understand it in a more better way let’s come back to the scenario of the corollary, the whole session you study is just a process of development and that is finalized or certified with the degree of major examination. The similar with the files in the working directory, all the other two phases discussed above mere a step of development phase but to finalize the whole development process you need to record that changes in the database of the git repository as a commit object, these commit objects don’t contain whole files instead of that it contains only changes recorded in a special format that I will cover in the next post.