Make Music with A Programming Language!!!


A piece of code can create beautiful music.

Never underestimate the power of a computer code. It is as elegant as a soothing scenery and as cruel as Satan from hell ( the viruses ).

Today we will introduce to you a compact and cool programming language called – ChucK. ChucK is a strongly timed programming language, which means it has its own internal clock and it works along it. ChucK has a very strong friendship with time. Everything which happens in ChucK happens with advance in time. Each line of code can be asked to wait for a particular time period or could be made to get executed at a particular point of time. Lets write a program in ChucK to make some music. Before that here are some features of ChucK.

  • ChucK is a programming language tailored for making sound.
  • ChucK is designed around time.
  • ChucK has concurrency i.e. running multiple Shreds together.
  • ChucK is a High Level Language i.e. has simple text like code which is easy to understand.
  • ChucK is open source and freely available.
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