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Hey, friends today I will be writing about a thing in talk nowadays, the Open Source. Open source is a craze nowadays, everyone is talking about and working on that. So you will know here what is it in detail. So let’s check :

Introduction to OPEN SOURCE :

Open Source is made up of two words – Open & Source. Open means it is accessible and source where it comes from. So open Source we can simply say as something that is available freely from a source that anyone can access. Open source in terms of Programming is simply a project which has open code that anyone can use, recreate, modify or distribute it freely to everyone, although there are some restrictions too. Every open source project contains some forms of license, most of which are free and shows it is free to modify and distribute to anyone.

If we talk about an example, a big example will be the Linux, an open source OS that is free under the GPL license. Linux has many variants developed, some by communities, some by independent developers,  some by organizations and some commercial versions. Being Open Source there is a big supporter of the community behind these projects.

Let a programmer write some piece of a code, for a software or any application. He publishes it online and applies for an Open Source License. So now anyone can download and use that code in their application, they can modify and suggest some changes to enhance that code or they can use it to create another code using that.

open source
Open Source Loved By everyone

Benefits of Open Source :

1. As open source, they are available free of all cost and anyone can get it without paying any penny.

2. Being open, anyone can have a look at that code and suggest some improvements.

3. These projects may be created by a single person or a team, if it goes popular there will be a large community supporting that product.

4. Unlike company projects if the company shut down, the support ends but in case if a developer stops working on code and providing support, it will be owned by some others and support will be provided, else the community will be supporting the project.

5. Support of a community means if you have a problem in any part of the code you can share and get solutions faster and easier, as there may be some person in the community who are having the same problem and has provided a solution.

6. Reduces development time, as we can use open source modules to add existing functionalities and write code only for new functionalities.

7. Continuous development, as there will be someone doing the research and changing the code, so the development continues.

8. You can start from scratch or use someones open project for your learning or for the first project.

9. Learning benefit to newcomers & students who can use any of open source project to download and see the code for, how it is written, its syntax, libraries and the files, flow needed.

10. Open source provides different licensing options such as GNU(General Public Use), MIT  ( Maschauttes institute of Technology) and many more licenses, that shows if the project is completely free or have some restrictions.


Some open source sites where you can get projects :

1. GitHub

The largest open source based project repository used by developers around the world to store their work, collaborate and share with others. You can search and download any type of project from GitHub like JAVA, WEB, Angular and more.

2. SourceForge

SourceForge is a Web-based service that offers software developers a centralized online location to control and manage free and open-source software projects. It provides a source code repository, bug tracking, mirroring of downloads for load balancing, a wiki for documentation, developer and user mailing lists, user-support forums, user-written reviews and ratings, a news bulletin, micro-blog for publishing project updates, and other features.

3. Google Open Source

It is a web site by famous Google Company that showcases their list of open source projects like Go, fa Notify Bindings for Python and much more projects that you don’t know but are using from a long time.

4. FirstTimersOnly

It is a very good source for newcomers to open source field. Here you can get all resources for starting or using open source. If you want to know about open source than I recommend you to visit this site to know more.



That is all for now, hope you learned what is open source. If you still have a query you can comment it down. Feel free to like, share, comment so others can learn from this. Keep visiting Tekraze for more posts like this coming. have a nice day ahead.

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