Make Music with A Programming Language!!!


Now You Are A Little Bit Familiar With The ChucK Interface.


Now click on the miniAudicle window. Create a new file. File > New.

We’ll tell you all the functioning of the code later in this tutorial. For now input this code in your new file.

 1 SinOsc sine_wave => dac;
 3 440 => sine_wave.freq;
 4 0.5::second => now;
 6 880 => sine_wave.freq;
 7 0.5::second => now;
 9 660 => sine_wave.freq;
10 1::second => now;


So, an important thing, ChucK works on that Virtual Machine thingy. Therefore, firstly click on the ‘ Start Virtual Machine ‘ button in the Virtual Machine window. You’ll notice a clock starts running in that window.


Notice the ‘ running time ‘ and the ‘ shred ‘ count. Shreds are nothing but an instance of a ChucK program. The ‘ remove last ‘ button removes the latest added Shred and the ‘ clear VM ‘ button clears all the VM’s from the list.

Now from the miniAudicle window, click on the big green plus button titled ‘ Add Shred ‘. It will add the Shred of your program into the VM and you will hear three variations of a tone for a total of 2 seconds. 0.5 second for a sine wave at 440 Hertz, 0.5 for sine wave at 880 Hertz and 1 second for a sine wave at 660 Hertz.

This may not be pleasing to your ear, but hey! you creating sound through your program.

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