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In previous tutorial we had discuss BASIC OF PHOTOSHOP. In this tutorial we will discuss about the Tools of Photoshop. 

Photoshop can seem a little daunting for those who have never used it before. It’s a complex program and can take quite a while to learn all the ins and outs of all the functions. But the good news is that it’s fairly simple to master the basics. Here are some of the more common controls that will help you get started using Photoshop like a pro.

Photoshop Basic Tools

This is the basic tools , advance will come in our upcoming tutorials with examples.



Move Tool:- 

The move tool allows you to move objects. You can select layers with it, so if each of your objects is on a separate layer, this tool will move those objects just by clicking on them and dragging.Hold the shift key to limit the movements to vertical/horizontal.

Rectangular Marquee Tool:-

Use this tool to make the selections on your image,in a rectangular image.This changes to area of your image that is affected by other tools or actions to be within the defined shape.Holding the shift key while dragging your selection,restrict the image to a perfect square.Holding the alt while dragging sets the center of the rectangle where your cursor started.

Lasso Tool:- 

  • This Tool can be hard too use but once you have mastered it becomes very handy. The magnetic lasso tool will make your life a lot easier, simply click once and then drag around your shape.
  • I find zooming in while using the lasso tool helps a lot, you can really get close to the edge. Remember the shortcut keys too add a selection and subtract a selection.
  • If you need to use the freehand lasso in the middle of a magnetic lasso selection, hold down the Alt key,then release the key when you wish to return to magnetic mode.

Crop Tool:-

The crop tool work similarly to the rectangular marquee, the difference is when you press enter/return key ,its crop your image to size of the box that you selected.Any information that is out of the box that is gone. not permanently but you still undo it and take it back as it original.The main work of this to crop anything taht area you have selected.

Brush Tool:-

This is one of the first tools ever,it’s what photoshop is based off of.Well not really but it’s pretty basic.It paint your image your template what you have with you,in whatever color you selected or whatever size you selected.There is lot of option with it,but  this is basic ,don’t go to learn them.

Eraser Tool:-

This is the AntiBrush tool.Its works like an Eraser and erasing whatever you want to erase on your file.If you are on base layer it will erase only that area or you can transparate that area.If you on above layers you can erase that content on which layer you are. Don’t be panic about the word of Layer(for begineers) we will discuss it in next tutorial what is layer and we work  on it.

Text Tool:-

With the textool comes the character box where you can stretch text and manipulate it.Play around with the setting and you will come up with some nice effects. Every time you use the text tool it will make a new layer for you.

Colorpicker Tool:-

This tool worked by changing your foreground color to whatever color you click on.Holding the alt key will change your background color too.You can select the RGB color to in it .it will use like #fffff for white #00000 Black.


In our next  tutorial we will discuss about the Layers.

That is all for today , keep visiting for more coming in this series . Feel free to like, comment ,share and give your opinions in comments below. Your valuable comments help us in giving you more relevant content . Be a part of Tekraze family, have a nice day.

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