wordpress software - Softwares for Bulding Website in minutes

Softwares for Bulding Website in minutes


Hey everyone , we see today as with enhanced internet. Now a days we mostly depend on internet for solutions. There are websites and video sites available with rich content. Some of you may also have that content but are unable to provide it to people. Or you have some specific work, art , or any business you having. I will tell you how to use software for building website in minutes.

In today world being online is a must whatever you are doing, so there must be a website so that you can reach to a large number of people. There were times when people need to hire professionals for building a website. But now you can do it yourself by using drag and drop without coding.  Some are called CMS the content Management System.

These tools / softwares were built keeping in mind for non-programmers but programmers can also use that. So  let’s check out the list:

1. WordPress

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WordPress is the most popular and loved software for building websites. We ourselves are using wordpress for our blog. It is an open source blogging platform but can also be used to build customised site like ecommerce, education, blog, or company pages and much more… You can host your site on WordPress.com or download from WordPress.org and host your own site with local hosting or an online hosting. In case of online hosting there will be option available for you to install wordpress, along with other options too.

WordPress powers 30% of the internet , reason is simplicity and feature ready plugins and themes that you can use for adding functionality to your site.

2. Drupal

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Drupal is also an open source Blogging platform but for expert users in web technology. Drupal provides a back-end framework for at least 2.3% of all web sites worldwide. They  range from personal blogs to corporate, political, and government sites.

Drupal is an “out of the box” web content management tool as well as a customizable platform — to help you build the right tool to serve your content management strategy. Business and technology leaders use Drupal to create real-world enterprise solutions that empower web innovation. When assessing Drupal, it’s important to envision your goals and ask “Can Drupal be used to build this?” The answer nearly always is “yes”. Drupal offers limitless potential with native features and module extensions — it’s a platform for the next disruptive technology, without disruption to your business.

3. Magento

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Magento is an E-commerce platform that powers nearly all e-commerce sites. Magento provides ready customizations and features for setting up e-commerce stores. Magento provides features like payment gateway support, stores support, SSL support and much more ready features required in any e-commerce store.

Magento has third party extensions and themes that can be purchased to add more functionality.


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4. Joomla

joomla CMS - Softwares for Bulding Website in minutes

Joomla! is one of world’s most popular software packages used to build, organize, manage and publish content for small businesses, governments, non-profits and large organizations worldwide. Joomla is supported by a large ecosystem and powers:

  • Nearly 2 Millions active websites
  • Over 9% of all known business websites
  • Over 6% of the CMS Market World wide
  • Over 3% of the entire Web!

Joomla has a large list of extensions and themes that you can use to create anything like e-commerce, blog or a simple site.

5. PrestaShop

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PrestaShop is an e-commerce platform  software for creating e-commerce stores. It has comprehensive product features for small, medium or large e-commerce stores and sell online. Hundreds of features are standard and 100% free.

it provides easy store setup. customization , payment gateways and many more features to start an e-commerce store.


At last if you are newbie, then i say go for WordPress. If you are an expert go with Drupal or Joomla. If you want e-commerce store go with Magento or Prestashop.

That was all for today Keep visiting for more updates coming next. feel free to like , share and comment your views here.


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