4 Ways Performance Testing Can Streamline Digital Transformation

Ways Performance Testing Can Streamline Digital Transformation Read Below

Customer experience is a key success factor for businesses that are looking to ensure successful digital transformation. According to a study, more than 90% of consumers switch their brands after three negative customer service experiences. It means that even if a customer is loyal to a brand for years, they would not continue it if they fail to offer excellent customer service. In the digital age, customers prefer interacting with companies via digital platforms, leading more and more companies to design digital transformation projects rapidly. Customer expectations have grown over the passage of time and they prefer interacting through applications. Thus, businesses roll out software products quickly and are functional across various platforms. Thus, developers working for a performance testing company have also need to ensure an app is performing as expected under various loads. 

Developers have tried to improve customer experience by testing apps on various operating systems, devices and platforms. It is not the most efficient way to ensure an app’s performance and functionality. Performance testing should be performed throughout the entire software development process.

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Following are a few tips to succeed in the digital transformation:

1. The Vision of a Business

There are no shortcuts to success. Each business owner has his own objectives and unique metrics to determine customer experience. So it is necessary to ensure quality engineering in a digital transformation project, firms need to identify the objectives of the transformation, and the measures used to identify customer experience.

2. Performance Metrics

Once you have identified the objectives of a digitalization process that your business is going through, QA teams should run different tests including functional, security, accessibility, and non-functional tests. Firms need a reliable performance testing company to perform various testing. All these tests provide accurate information about how changes in business objectives can be connected with the user experience. 
Additionally, QA teams should develop metrics that measure customer experience in comparison with other small applications in the market. For instance, which features would make an end-user choose a particular app? So, setting the right performance metrics is crucial to identify bottlenecks. These metrics can monitor a company’s digital platform and also keep in mind the changing user expectations in the industry.

3. Continuous Testing

Gone are the days when performance testing was performed at the end of a software development process. It is an on-going process now, and it is necessary so that testing can be carried out at various development points where potential problems may arise. It reduces the cost to resolve these issues in the final stages of development. 

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4. Automation Testing and Communication Flow

All repetitive and time-consuming tests can be automated to save testers’ time and effort. Automation can continue providing relevant information about data and customer responses. It can also collect user behaviors, time spent, bounce rates and other important information to ensure a good customer experience.
The above important factors allow a performance testing company to ensure a smooth digital transformation process by ensuring good customer experience.

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