The 8 Best Games for Android in 2024

Android gaming witnessed an impressive surge with novel titles captivating players globally. Distinct genres like role-playing games (RPG), action, and more thrived remarkably well. Many vastly improved their subtle nuances to enhance the gamer experience. 

A few stood out from the rest, claiming attention for creativity and gameplay finesse. Here is a list of those exceptional entries marking high in the top game charts for Android this year under best games for android.

Hearts Land

Hearts is a trick-taking card game where players aim to score as few points as possible, primarily by avoiding certain cards that carry penalty points. It can be played in single or multiplayer mode at Hearts.Land which is compatible with Android devices.

Axie Infinity

A prime example of the convergence of gaming and blockchain, Axie Infinity isn’t merely a game. It’s an economic revolution. Players raise, breed, and trade mythical creatures called Axies. 

This year, its player-versus-player battles have become more refined, with strategies crucial for success. Like numerous mBitcasino crypto games out there, it includes an option for real-world currency earnings. 

The 8 Best Games for Android in 2024 1

Its digital marketplace has also seen robust trading volumes and proves its dominance in the Play-to-Earn model. For many this game isn’t just entertainment; it’s an income source. With Android being a widespread platform, accessibility to this game has become easier, so more people can participate.

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact on Android continues to engage players. This dynamic role-playing game comes from miHoYo’s creative toolbox and invites the player into a sprawling world full of hidden treasures and hurdles. One of the most played and best games for android where users play RPG mode and love the missions and map.

Not only does it boast impressive graphics, but its storyline also compels attention. The frequent introduction of new characters and regions keeps the interest alive too.

Genshin Impact Best Android Game
Genshin Impact Best Android Game

The game’s optimization on Android ensures smooth gameplay and makes roaming Teyvat a visual treat. One of its significant achievements this year was seamless cross-platform play. Players from different devices can team up so the game’s community remains connected and engaged. The free-to-play model and regular updates ensure its position at the top of Android charts.

League of Legends: Wild Rift

Wild Rift is an adaptation of the iconic PC game League of Legends. It has brought the exhilarating MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) experience to Android. Its 2023 updates focused on enhanced graphics, fluid controls, and balanced gameplay, making it a favorite amongst mobile gamers. 

Wild Rift Android game
Wild Rift Android game

What distinguishes Wild Rift from other MOBAs is its shorter match duration averaging around 15-20 minutes. Old and new champions have been introduced with revamped abilities suited for touch controls. The game’s competitive ranked system and events throughout the year actively engaged the player base.


Blizzard’s card game has been a staple for strategy lovers since its inception. Hearthstone continued to dominate Android charts with its unique expansions in 2023. It introduces fresh mechanics and intriguing card designs. The game’s digital card battles require strategic thinking, deck-building skills, and adaptability. 

Hearthstone Android Game
Hearthstone Android Game

Events centered on Warcraft lore are a common feature, providing unique gameplay and recalling past times. An Android app variant of the game is thoroughly programmed for touch-screen interaction, enabling easier match exploration. Hearthstone still holds attraction for strategy buffs due to its introduction of fresh formats alongside the persistence of an absorbing storyline delivered through card fights.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang 

An undisputed titan in the MOBA scene, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang continues its reign in 2023. Moonton, its developer, consistently refines gameplay mechanics and provides a balanced competitive environment. 

bang bang android game
Bang bang Android game

Its appeal lies in the diverse roster of heroes, each with unique abilities that cater to various playstyles. Regular updates introduced in 2023 brought new maps, heroes, and skins. They keep the community eagerly anticipating more. The rapid match durations and streamlined mobile controls make it ideal for quick gaming sessions. It all boosts its popularity on Android platforms.

PUBG Mobile 

Still holding its fort as one of the pioneers of battle royale games, PUBG Mobile saw substantial advancements in 2023. Its realistic graphics, expansive maps, and intense gunplay remain unmatched. New game modes and seasonal themes kept players engaged and returning this year. 

Pubg mobile best games for android
Pubg mobile best games for android

The game’s continual optimization for Android ensures reduced lag and improved frame rates, crucial for the fast-paced battles. Community events, competitive tournaments, and the introduction of unique in-game items have solidified its position as a top-tier mobile game. Its global community remains robust, so players collaborate and compete daily.

Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite carved out a significant position within the MOBA genre. Under the joint venture of TiMi Studios and The Pokémon Company, it melds time-honored Pokémon features into its battle strategy structure.

Pokemon Unite
Pokemon Unite

Individuals choose a preferred Pokémon, all of which have distinct abilities for 5v5 team matches. The combination of this game’s user-friendly controls, evolving strategy, and the allure encapsulated by the world of Pokémon has profoundly struck a chord with devotees. Frequent updates have held their attention consistently over the years to make this game one of the best games for android list.


2023 has marked a definitive chapter in Android gaming, witnessing a fusion of pioneering concepts and refined classic gems. Popular games have not just stood out for their gameplay but for their ability to engage, evolve, and enthrall. From action-packed arenas to strategic card battles, this year’s array of titles promises a rich palette for every gamer.

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