How to increase social media followers fast

Hey friends, Social media is the platform used by many people often. Research says that out of 7 billion people in the world,  3 billion uses the internet and, out of 3 billion 2.6 billion people uses social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

Everyone wants to have more followers on their social media profiles. Many people except celebrity or popular personality have many social followers and they gain followers on their own. They are not already popular but they become popular with social media followers.

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Today the secret of having social media followers from zero to thousands will be disclosed here. There are many advantages to having social media followings. You can promote, advertise or sell your product on your social media platforms.

Continue reading, and you’ll come to know how your followings will peak up to thousands of followers in just some weeks.

These are the ways to get more followers on social media.

1. Content: 

The biggest and the most important factor to get more following is content. All next coming points are one side and this only point is one side equals to all other points. If you are able to follow only this point, I guarantee that you don’t need to follow all other points.

So, In truth, there is a huge amount of competition on social media to get followers but good point is that there is no limitation to follow and to get followers. suppose you have 100 followers, you posted a post, and from your 100 followers 70 people open the website and use out of 70 your post displayed only on 50 people account.

Now see, in total, you only get 50 people but it does not end here. out of 50, only 30 people have look on your content 20 skipped. out of 30, only 15 see your content and 15 are from the different category they are not of your content category, now you have 15 people.
Your content will decide that you want 15 likes to your content or less. So, whatever your category just choose whether fun, tech, lifestyle or whatever it is. you have to give high quality, updated and unique that can engage more people.

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2. Awesome clickbait and titles: Whatever you post, write an engaging title that makes people read. For example, you write about how to make a website or shared the link of how to make a website.
Don’t just write “how to make a website” write an engaging title like “I earned $800 by making a website. see how you can make a website easily.” just a simple change in the title gives you the awesome result.

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3. Be active: Most people publish something only when they find amazing content or when they want to post. But they have to be active to show their presence and trust. You have to do regular post daily bu intervals.
According to your content, you can decide how many posts you need to publish in a day but 5-8 posts a day is fine. On the whole day, you have done 5-8 post by intervals. If you don’t find content what to post or don’t have time just use the tools like BufferHootsuiteDrumup.
These are the tools that can manage your social media account you can schedule your post and find content which has to be published throughout the day automatically.
4. Awesome post on right time: It is very important to post your content on right time. Find out which is the time most people in your country comes online and uses social media. on that time post that content which you want more people to see. In most countries, night and weekends are the days most people come online.

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5. Engage with the audience: Always do reply to your people who comment on your post and besides replying their comment also do like other people content and comment until you really become very popular with many thousands of followers.

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6. Follow for follow: Go to the popular pages or profiles similar to your content category and follow that person who follows that page or profile. Then they follow you back and after 5-8 days unfollow them. This seems bit difficult but this is the process you can follow until you get some thousands of followers.
But don’t follow more than so use 15-20 at one time. They can suspect you and suspend your account.
7. Use images and video: It has been observed that people watch images more than written content.

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8. Don’t use fake followers: It is very easy to use fake followers and fake likes. But in reality, they are not people just computer controlled accounts. That will be just numbers not in real. and you will be suspected after some time and lost your account.
These are some ways by which you can increase your followers very fast. One thing that you should keep in mind that is patient. It will take some time but you can do. Share this article and subscribe to have the latest knowledge about technology.

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