How to Google Search Like a Pro

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Hey readers, today I will be writing about some interesting tips on one thing, that are the most used service by Internet Browser. There are millions of users hitting concurrently that thing, the Google Search. Yes, you read it right I will tell you some tips for Searching Google like a pro.

The simple the Google Welcome Page looks, the more powerful it is. Since the data that can be browsed by single words can range from millions of pages to billion of pages. Since to find data securely and exactly one should have proper knowledge how to search so that Google the one who is the search engine for you can be the teacher, best friend, & trustworthy buddy. Before sharing tips it is necessary to understand how Google works.

Be Precise

Before that understand, how Google works. The browser you used to access the Google is just like a Restaurant and Google is more or less like a waiter that only serves you food but without providing any fixed menu. You have to name the dish you want to eat yourself accurately.

If you want a lemonade then you can access in two way,

  • Either by giving him long description that I need a glass of water which has one big squeezed lemon juice and one tablespoon sugar with some mix of salts.
  • Simply you can just say lemonade. which is less confusing.

Same with the google you need to guide him properly for the dish you want on your table.Here are my two search result that shows you the different result. Keyword Search promising more accurate result rather than long description result.

search with keywordsearch with long description

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