Microsoft Dynamics 365 you need to know

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a suite of Business Applications from Microsoft that covers the traditional ERP and CRM functions. Key components of Dynamics 365 include – D365 Finance, D365 Supply Chain Management, D365 Sales, D365 Customer Service, D365 PSA, D365 Business Central, and some others.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a suite of Business Applications from Microsoft that covers the traditional ERP and CRM functions. Key components of Dynamics 365 include – D365 Finance, D365 Supply Chain Management, D365 Sales, D365 Customer Service, D365 PSA, D365 Business Central, and some others.

Transforming Your Business Processes with Intelligent Applications and Cloud

The Microsoft Business Applications suite, includes Dynamics 365 and Power Platform, together with Microsoft Azure and Office 365 | Microsoft 365. Together, these products provide unparalleled power and productivity to customers. The products are integrated, so work together in a seamless fashion. All products now have AI capabilities, and bring to customers insights about various aspects of their business.

Microsoft keeps bringing technical innovation to its products, following a schedule of making 2 major releases per year. The power of the vast network of partners is unparalleled in the industry.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Features:

  1. Seamless integration between components of Dynamics 365, Power Platform, and Office 365 | Microsoft 365
  2. The rich functionality of Microsoft Dynamics business platform
  3. AI embedded in various functions
  4. A huge bouquet of applications
  5. Secure Microsoft Cloud technology
  6. The unified model brings data from all applications into one place
  7. Device Independent: Use on Mac/ PC /smartphone/ tablet
  8. Great extensibility is possible with various apps on the marketplace
  9. Option to run on the cloud, or deploy on-premises
  10. Pay-as-you-go licensing and deployment options

Microsoft Dynamics 365 suite of products:

  1. Business Central
  2. Finance
  3. Supply Chain Management
  4. Sales
  5. Customer Service
  6. Field Service
  7. Project Service Automation
  8. Marketing
  9. Commerce
  10. Human Resources

All e Technologies: Microsoft Gold Partner for Microsoft Dynamics

With over 700 customers over the past 20 years – Alletec is amongst the most trusted Microsoft
Dynamics 365 partners from India. Alletec has been providing Microsoft Dynamics and Power
Platform solutions to customers from India, and over 30 other countries. These countries/
regions include the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Middle East, Mauritius, Nigeria,
Kenya, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Papua New Guinea.

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Services Offered:

1. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Cloud Implementation

Dynamics 365 customers are invariably opting for cloud implementations, instead of on-premise systems. Cloud versions of these solutions provide several features and functionality that are not available in the on-prem implementations. Dynamics 365, Power Platform & Microsoft 365 brings unprecedented power and flexibility in the hands of customers.

2. Microsoft Dynamics 365 On-Premise Implementation

Should your business needs push you for an on-premises implementation of Dynamics 365, connect with Alletec to ensure project success. Alletec’s expertise with products and deep domain knowledge are important ingredients for project success.

3. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Migration

Whether you are looking to migrate from an earlier version of Dynamics, NAV, AX, or are looking to move from products like SAP or Oracle, we help you with end to end migration for an enhanced experience on the Dynamics platform.

4. Microsoft Dynamics 365 – Hybrid architecture

Are you looking to move from your current On-Premise infrastructure to Cloud, but looking at a hybrid architecture? Or, is the large size of your data hindering your migration to the cloud? Our consultants will help you find the best solution for hybrid architecture.

5. Microsoft Dynamics 365 – Business Consulting

Digital Transformation of your organization involves reimagining your business. It will of course involve automation of several processes, building a data strategy, and thinking of ways how data can be leveraged for business benefits. Connect with Alletec to act as your consultants and implementation partner in your journey.

6. Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution customization

Looking to enhance the capabilities of your current Dynamics 365 implementation with custom-developed functionality? Alletec can build customized solutions to help your business gain a competitive edge. To address the needs of your business, we customize your business processes, develop workflows in your system, build automation, and integrate with other systems – to help you make the most of your D365 implementation.

7. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Licensing

Alletec is a Gold Partner for Microsoft Dynamics – authorized to license Dynamics, Power Platform. Azure and Microsoft 365 licenses. Our experts help you with system sizing and choosing the right plan for your organizational needs.

8. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Support

Support is vital to keep your business applications bringing you productivity and ROI. All Allete customers pick from a set of support plans, as per the needs of their businesses. Alletec even offers 24×7 dedicated support to customers having such business needs.

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