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When people learn few languages like HTML, CSS , & PHP, they start considering themselves as a Pro Web Developer. Those days were no more when having these skills qualified you as Web Developer, The area of Web development has became so vast that with each day there is new language, new framework is being there in the market that take over previous technologies.

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Yeah, No doubt the first step to learn Web development is learning these technologies, but considering itself as a Pro. you might be joking with the other who is working in this profession from more than 20 years and still consider themselves a s low key.

But what next?  makes you stand out at least from your rest of the follow not to the whole world. There are few skills that are neglected by new developers. I will be discussing only few key points rest of them you can read at reference links

Program skills are the Just crust of the cake,

You also need cream of soft skills that appetite others.


Having Right Quantity of Ingredients in your Bowl: Learning Better way to Code

First you need to use your ingredients HTML, CSS, JS, or Jquery or PHP in a better way that it is understandable and easy to modify by every other programmer. Some will disagree at this point that if someone is a programmer than he or she could read any code. But dear, time is precious for everyone, You alone isn’t the most busy person who can’t spend some time to write better code. So learning How to use your code efficiently is  the first step that helps you to progress and enhance your skills.

Cooking with Right Process: You need to dirty your hand with Networking

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The languages only helps you out to form the structure of your crust i.e. it only lets you to build up those things that you want to build. But it is necessary to know how that structure will be more better than that is build before is necessary, as said in the post

Having an end-to-end understanding of what happens when you type into your browser and click enter, is one of the best ways you can stand out from the herd.

What To Learn?

  • How Domain Name Systems (DNS) work.
  • Registering and using domains.
  • Understanding TCP/IP.
  • Basic network debugging. (ex. why aren’t I able to to connect to my new website? Hint: The port isn’t open)
  • Understanding what a VPN is.

Check out this free course by google that teaches you the basics of Networking for Web Developers.

Why networking is necessary?

With your every click a request is being sent to server that fetch out resources stored in the server. That resources must be fetch out in you need to secure sensitive content that belongs to user and transmitted with each request, or you need to send that data  in such a way and in such a format that the resources remain in secure context, and available to user in as less time as possible.

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Baking for Right Time: Understand HTTP as well as HTTPS

Pro. Web Developer - I hope You might know these things 2

Networking only gives you how these transaction takes place but HTTP and HTTPS are the way more than the Network. Therefore HTTP is important enough that it deserves it’s own section. HTTP is the bread and butter protocol of the web, so learn it inside and out. As mentioned in the reference material

What To Learn?

  • The anatomy of an HTTP transaction.
  • The HTTP request verbs and when the use them.
  • Recognize the main response codes and when to use which ones.
  • What a stateless protocol is and why it matters.
  • Recognize popular headers and how to add your own.
  • Working with HTTP outside the browser. (REST clients, curl, etc)
  • SSL, what it is, how it works, and why you should use it.

Some of the resources where you could get more about these things are:–ud303

One things that i would like to add and give special attention to is learn How to Debug Your Code. Because writing code isn’t big thing, but building working thing from awful code does matters a lot. I will be writing next post on How to Debug Your Code, That’s it for today. Now, You can hook up with us at Tekraze app. You may get your apk at

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