The Hottest New Tech You Need Now

Technology keeps advancing and every year comes with new technology that makes life easier for you. Whether you want to charge your phone or track your workout, there is a technology for that. Here are ten new technologies you need now:

1. Lost-stuff Finder

It can be a hustle to look for your phone after displacing it. A lost-stuff finder like the Tile Mate will allow you to track your phone or any other item with a map. After getting close, you can turn on a homing beacon sound to offer the location of your lost item.

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2. Power Strip

If you frequently work at a terminal of an airport or a coffee shop, it can be stressful to acquire a power outlet. This power strip eliminates the hustle by converting one outlet into multiple. Additionally, it has USB charging ports.


3. Smartphone Stand

If you work with a desktop throughout the day, it’s ideal to acquire a small stand for your smartphone that will charge it the whole day. Such devices include iPhone’s the Native Union DOCK+ and Android’s Belkin stand.

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4. Fitness Tracker

A fitness tracker is a watch that aids to keep track of the kilometers you walk or steps you take in a day. Various options include Samsung Gear Fit2, Fitbit Alta, and Fitbit Charge 2. Athletes who are more hardcore can opt for higher-end models with waterproofing and GPS features such as the Garmin Vivoactive HR. Apple consumers also have their Apple Watch.


5. GoPro

GoPro Hero5 is the latest camera model that includes a voice control feature. It has a small and cube-shaped Session that offers outstanding results. Other choices include Yi 4K Action Camera and the Hero+model

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6. Decent Camera

Every smartphone comes with a camera, and high-end phones have excellent cameras. However, a quality standalone camera is still essential for your photography. An excellent camera is the Sony RX100 that is small in size but very expensive. For a more affordable camera, the Canon PowerShot 350 HS is ideal.


7. Streaming Stick

Streaming sticks allow you to beam videos from your computer or phone to your TV. This trend began with the Google Chromecast and continued to the Roku Streaming Stick and the Amazon Fire TV Stick. Handy remotes accompany these devices. Apple consumers might prefer the Apple TV that is compatible with Airplay

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8. Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth speakers have become popular due to their exceptional audio quality and ability to be movable. Some great options include the Bose SoundLink Mini II for your kitchen or living room and the rugged UE Roll 2 for your pool or the beach. These are excellent options for audio fidelity, but you can also go for the Amazon Echo that is both a Bluetooth speaker and a voice-activated assistant that connects to the internet.


9. Portable Smartphone Charger

Portable chargers like the Mophie Powerstation Mini will offer you the power you need when you are on the road. It has the advantage of being both compact and useful when you are far from a socket.

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10. Wireless Headphones

Wireless headphones are becoming more affordable while they offer comfort and quality sound. Solid wireless headphones include BeatsX by Apple and Jaybird Freedom Wireless. These earphones are great for your work out. Jabra Move Wireless is an excellent pair of on-ear headphones.

With these hottest new technologies, you can have a smoother time taking pictures, listening to music, streaming music, and more. Get these technologies for your home, work and travel to incorporate convenience into your lifestyle.

11. Bonus – Waterproof Earbuds

The award-winning engineers at xFyro audio created the most advanced pair of *waterproof earbuds* on the market, bringing next-generation technology today’s active listener”. These buds are said to be the most advanced ever created with the latest protections standards like waterproof and dustproof. If you are a music listener and love adventure you must check out xFyro waterproof earbuds.
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