Installing Software in Linux – Three easy ways

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Hey, friends welcome back to Linux series, I will be writing today how you can install software on any Linux based OS. 

Check out these 3 simple ways :

1. Using Software Manager

You can use software manager installed alongside OS such as Ubuntu software manager in Ubuntu. You can search for various categories like system, files, multimedia and more. Or you can search using a specific keyword such as VLC. It is the easier way for beginners.

Ubuntu software
Ubuntu Software

2. Using Packages 

You can download from internet packages of a specific app and install using package manager or software. For Ubuntu or Debian you can download deb package or tar package. You can similarly found packages for other distributions. You can also install and use Synaptic Package Manager for doing the same.This way is good for intermediate developers and users.

3. Using Terminal 

I find it the easiest way, you just need to have the right name for the application you need to install. Such as VLC for VLC media player. If you don’t find any app this way try searching for package repository and adding it to your repository list. It is the best for advanced users.

software install terminal
Installation os software via terminal


That’s all for now, will be posting more under this series. Feel free to like, comment, share your view in the comments below. Keep visiting for more updates coming. Share with your friends, family and relatives to share the knowledge someone may need.

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