7 Factors that affected lifestyle bloggers and influencers growth in 2021

Lets checkout factors that have affected the growth of Lifestyle Bloggers and influencers have seen in 2021

With the pandemic arround 2019 and 2020, we have seen people interacting more with internet because of abundant time available during covid19 lockdown period. Apps like Tiktok, Instagram have helped people to reach to a wider audience from the comfort of your home. Now social media influencing has become a trend where lifestyle bloggers and influencers are the one who benefitted most from this. Lifestyle bloggers blog around daily experiences and life which the people can connect to by seeing and follow them to achieve same lifestyle.

Who are Lifestyle Bloggers and influencers

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Lifestyle Bloggers and influencers are those who post about their lifestyle which includes clothes they wear, food they eat, brands they use, cards they drive or locations they travel to.

We can further classify lifestyle influencers as

  • Food bloggers
  • Travel Bloggers
  • Fashion Bloggers
  • Finance Bloggers
  • Edu Bloggers

Some of the bloggers do create content in one specific field like food, or clothing. But some may do multiple content. By creating content from their actual lifestyle by sharing pics, vlogs, and articles they are attracting more people to follow on social media. Here is an influencer spotlight article to read from intellfluence discussing about one leading lifestyle influencer and their growth.

Factors affecting lifestyle bloggers and influencers

1. Social Media Influencer Platforms

There used to be only social media before (Instagram and facebook) but now there are specific platforms for social media influencing for lifestyle influencers and bloggers. Platforms like intellifluence basically provide a medium to connect influencers directly to brands which reduce burden of brands to spent on looking infuencers as they can contact through these apps, with details already available for filter. Brands have the benefit of having a list of influencers with their pricing to get optimised influencer for their next project in terms of followers, niche and cost of the content.

2. Social Media Apps

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Social media platforms like Titktok and Instagram with video based content has been a major source of traffic which increased multiple times than previously. The main attraction are short videos of 30-60 sec as the users can enjoy more content in less time and they go viral easier and faster. Because of embedded tools like edit, music embed , crop, effects these apps have helped content creators to create content with more quality, a new touch and engaging that people really like and follow.

Some content make people crazy and they also repeat the same in their videos. This engagement helped lifestyle influencers to have more traffic and more followers. Some having millions of social media followers are contacted by the brands directly for collaborations and promotions. As more people are on mobile than tv, so this is one of the major factor for the growth.

3. High speed Internet

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With the availability of high speed internet with 4G and 5G devices and slowing down internet gone; now more people are connected online. Various studies have shown engagement rate of people have increased up to 50-60% over normal times during covid. Because everyone at home, more of connections taken up increasing wifi usage and internet usage. With the internet access around, people do keep theme updated with their favorite lifestyle influencers over Instagram and Tiktok. With the increasing tech security being more important the use of VPN services along with internet is also increased allowing to surf sites without any ISP blocks.

4. Creative advertisement

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There were times when brands, do used to promote their products over places like stands, poles, stands and print media. But now these don’t work as people do not fall for them easily. They have lose trust in ads as they are all made up and targetted to get more sales.

Whereas because of lifestyle influencers using their brilliant minds, create creative content for content marketing which looks good and enjoying, with the promotion done smoothly without people realizing they are promoting. And actually people tend to buy more products shared by their favorite influencers over buying normally or through ads. So Business brands are investing more in lifestyle bloggers and influencers marketing.

5. New Technolgy and gadgets Reviews

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Most of the startups do not have a budget to get influencers or paid stars to promote their content. So, they sometimes send the gadgets to influencers for free or in some cases influencers actually buy themselves from these brands and review them. The review helps people to actually explore new technologies and gadgets which they don’t know at all. This helped both, as lifestyle bloggers got products to write on and followers get buying tips on what to buy, where and how. Products like bluetooth earphones, mobiles and more they promote with showcasing features using camera features, build quality, durability and specs with their funny content in a fun way.

6. Blogging platforms

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Blogging platforms like medium.com has helped lifestyle bloggers to create blogs easily and interact with a large number of followers with their content. Lifestyle bloggers blog on things like what clothes to buy, places to travel with their stories, fashion advice and more.

7. Earning potential and Career

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Everyones main goal is to live a life and enjoy, but it need one to earn to enjoy and have these. Social media Influencing has helped many influencers to earn as a career by promoting products in their content. Lifestyle influencing among other niches is best to earn money through social media.

They may get paid for a post, for a campaign or a series of posts. It ranges from 5$ to 100$, and more based on followers allowing them to live and enjoy, at the same time earning from this. This earning potential is also one of the major factor as people can make this as a career. It is not bad being an influencer as there are singers, actors earning similarly as a career.


So, we talked about some factors that affected growth of lifestyle bloggers and Influencers where we think social media is the one that is the biggest factor along with the social media influencer platforms. But lets us know in the comments, what you think about same.

Feel free to share your views in the comments below. Do share as sharing is caring. Keep checking for more updates coming next and stay connected to read more posts like this.

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