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For several international business activities, notarization is required. In maximum countries, excluding the United States, notary publics are also attorneys and are known as lawyer notaries. In the US, maximum notaries are lay notaries and are not lawyers. Certifications received are still valid, but the notary will not do document preparation. The notary will only verify the signature and qualification of the translator.

Any international business or legal document must have a notarized translation before it goes into impact. Notarization is one of the simplest ways of certifying a business translation. Examples of documents that need a notarized business translation include all sorts of personal and professional documents, property deeds, business contracts, etc.

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Notarized Translation Process

Types of Notarization

There are several different types of notarization services.

1. Acknowledgment

This is used for documents that carry ownership of assets such as property deeds, power of attorney, or trusts. It expects you to appear in person and state that the present signature on the document is yours, that you meant to sign it, and that you agree with the requirements of the document.

2. Signature witnessing

This is the most common type of notarization. The notary certifies that you are who you declare to be and that they testified you are signing the document.

3. Copy certification

In this type of notarization, the notary creates a copy of an original document and confirms that the copy is true, accurate, and complete. This could be performed for documents such as college degrees or transcripts, passports, administrative assistant certification, and driver’s permits.

4. Jurat

Performed on affidavits, declarations, and other types of evidentiary documents, this needs you to sign the document and then swear or declare that the statements in the document are true.

Different Methods for Getting Notarization

All of the above-specified documents must be translated and notarized in one of two ways. The first way is not convenient, but it allows you to do the business translation in the country of origin rather than the country of delivery. Simply contact the embassy of the target country of delivery to get a notarized business translation. The embassy will provide information about which translators are appropriately certified. Since the embassy will only work with particular companies, the cost is usually much higher, not to consider the amount of time it can consume. If you are working with documents that are sensitive, going through the embassy for your business translation is a viable option.

Another option is to have the business translation made in the country of the target and notarized there as well. The advantage of making the translation complete in the target country is that your document will be prepared significantly quicker and the fees will be much cheaper. Business documents are usually time-sensitive and require fast turn-around times. Producing the business translation notarized in the country for which it is planned will help you to meet deadlines.

When to Use Notarized Translation?

A notary public is entitled by the government to verify and supervise different legal customs, which involve notarized translations. These notarized documents are usually demanded by some schools when presenting documents such as high school transcripts and international diplomas.

In notarized translations, the translation quality is not the problem. It is about satisfying the legal terms of an organization. A professional translator can give the translated document to a notary public, who will need the translator to vow an oath to the correctness of the translation.

Later, the translator will be required to sign an affidavit, which must include the official permit and signature of the notary before it becomes confirmed. The notary public does not verify the quality of the translation. Instead, the notary public is concerned about the identification of the translator.

How to Obtain a Notarized Document?

To get a document notarized, make contact with a notary public, confirm your identity, and sign the document.

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Process Showing Notarized Service Stamping

Official Identification

The notary will ask for ID to verify that you are who you tell you are. You’ll require official identification with a photograph, passport, driver’s license, or other government-issued ID that will do the trick, although terms differ from state to state. If the notary is not sure that you are who you tell you are, he or she can deny notarizing your document. Nobody is expected to notarize anything.

Wait to Sign

Be sure to carry an unsigned document to the notary—don’t sign it before time. The notary wants to watch you sign in most circumstances.


Depending on where you go to make documents notarized, you may have to pay a reasonable price. Notaries have to give money to serve as a notary, they have to keep up with different laws, and they have to keep accounts, so don’t be shocked if you’re asked to pay a fee.

Why is Notarization Important?

Getting your business translations notarized states that the translator will take the document before a notary to verify that it is translated correctly and with full authenticity. Several translators routinely add tonal variations in their translations to attract different audiences. With business translations, this is not acceptable, and getting the document notarized ensures that all such content will be eliminated.

Universal Translation Services

Never take a personal guarantee from the translator, as it will not be valid. Any expressions like “certifying the correctness,” or “official translation,” are not substitutes for proper notarization. In fact, in some nations, the use of such a statement can open you up to litigation.

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