How To Repost On Instagram Legally

How To Repost On Instagram Legally Read below for detail

Are you confused about whether reposting on Instagram is a legal practice or not? Of Course, reposting on Instagram of other users’ content is considered illegal, and you may come under the infringement of copyright issues.

But then what if you want to showcase your users’ created content for your branding purposes and attract new customers to your brand? How do you make use of the users’ created content in your marketing campaigns like other brands?

You don’t need to get worried much; in this blog, we will cover the right practice to use user-generated content and how you can use it legally in your marketing campaign.

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But let’s first learn why you need to get legal rights to utilize user-generated content to integrate into your marketing campaigns.

One of the main reasons is the copyright issues and protecting the privacy rights of the content owners.

When a content creator publishes their content, they have invested their time, money, efforts, and creativity to make a piece of content. Such content consists of the intellectual property rights of the content creator, and users have complete control over the usage of their content.

In case if someone uses their content unknowingly to them, they hold the right to take legal actions against them.

If you regram the post without acknowledging the efforts of the content contributors; it not only harms the reputation of the brand but also hampers the creativity of the content world over the internet.

Thus, to maintain and protect the ownership and copyright of the content creator; the government has made online data protection protocols and protects the content rights of the owner.

In case you ignore the legalities of the content creator; strict legal action may be taken against you, and your brand’s reputation may be at risk.

However, practicing the user-generated content rightly and lawfully is the only key for brands to run highly-effective; and impactful marketing campaigns and saving lots of costs whilst creating unique content and fighting for copyrights in court.

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Thus, it must follow the rules to repost on Instagram and legitimately practice the users-generated content; to make it a part of your promotional campaigns.

Ways To Legally Repost On Instagram

# Take Permission From The Content Owner

Asking permission from the content owner is the first step in the process of utilizing the users’ created content; and getting yourself covered with the legalities.

This is the easiest way of acquiring; the rights of the content owner and getting their permission to repurpose their created content in your marketing campaigns. There are several ways by which you can ask permission from the content owner.

  • Comment: You can ask permission from the content owner by commenting on the post, and ask them to reply to the comment with their consent. If you get the positive consent, then you can repost it on your account.
  • Direct Message: To interact with the user personally, you can directly send a message; to the content owner and mention the post link you want to repost on your Instagram account.
  • Hashtags: You can run a hashtag campaign in which people agree to share their photos; with that particular hashtag and allow you to use their post on your main Instagram account. However, it is always a better option to ask the users for their consent to repost on your Instagram account.
  • Copyright Waivers: You can publish a copyright waiver for utilizing user-created content; related to your brand and mention the terms and usage of their content. This will protect you from any sudden backlash.

# Acknowledge and Credit The Owner Correctly

It is vital to give proper credits to the content creator and acknowledge their efforts and creativity while reposting their content on your Instagram account. This includes tagging the owner and mentioning their handle in the post’s caption correctly. Also, make sure that you repost the image in its original form, do not add your brand label, photoshop, crop, or edit the photo. Keeping the content original, show appreciation to the content creator for their creativity and efforts.

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# Use Explicit Method To Make Process More Legit

Another best option is to get the consent of the content owner through the explicit method. It is the professional method of asking for permission and getting the rights of the content with complete legal-proof. For explicit permission, you can use UGC Rights Management tools as they own the legal rights to ask consent of the users; and giving brands a legit platform to collect and curate user-generated content legitimately to integrate into marketing campaigns. Explicit consent is the best method for brands and marketers to incorporate in the UGC strategy; as it will keep all the legal troubles away and give rights of content with complete proof of the creator consent.


Instagram is surfeit with the creative and alluring images that are perfect for your brand promotion and adding trustworthy content on your Instagram account. You may have found the creative content on Instagram created by your customers, but it doesn’t mean that you can use it freely. You need to ask for the permission of the content owner to repost it on your account legally. Use any of the methods mentioned above to get the consent of the content owners and make it a part of your marketing campaign with legal rights.

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