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Learning and Education is the key things that makes you different from others. So today i am writing about few magician(bloggers) communities, who mash up Art, Knowledge & Science and create magical things that consistently enhance your Skills with simplicity.

Note: Before you read the list of wonderful magicians, i want to clarify that the list of blogs that I am sharing here is from the list of my own Personal Interest. No paid advertisement is being displayed to you here. And There is no such case that one is better than other all are having their own creativity. So each and every content shared here is as wonderful as other


AI, Data Science, Machine Learning are emerging nowadays to a vast extent, It’s not only emerging as  a New Technologies but also creating possible for humans to create such things that are impossible to build. The Major Hurdle for a newbie who wants to begin its carrier as Data Scientist or Machine Learning Enthusiast is that where to find good resources that and fits with the industry needs. TechLeer is the blogging community whose main author is Ms. Kirti Bakshi who mostly writes about Deep Learning, Machine Learning, and Data Analytics. So if you are an AI enthusiast you should have a look at this blog


The Field of Cyber Security is the second major field in Information Technology that nobody talks openly and rarely taught in the Universities except some well founded universities.  If it is taught in some institutions then the fee to be paid is not affordable by middle class person. Ultimately he chooses to go for Gray Hat Hacking through researches on Google or any other search Engine, so there is lot’s of chances that he may fall prey to some sort of illegal fraud. GBHackers is one of Cyber Security Blogging Team who is updating regularly in the field of Cyber Security and Hacking, There posts ranges from Cyber Security Tools to Cyber Security News. So If You are having cybersecurity enthusiasm, Do Visit Their Blog.

Girlie Mac

Girlie Mac is one of my favorite Blog. It’s the blog owned by Ms. Tamomi Imura, She is an Open Web advocate and front-end engineer and definitely a wonderful Blogger. The best things about her blog is that she justify the definition of  Computer Science not only a Science but an art where an artist creates amazing things from the ordinary one, with her post. She simply explain Computer Science concepts through doodles, which makes newbie Learns easier without falling pray to complexity

Simple is Better Than Complex

Here comes an another artist, Mr. Vitor Fitos. He is a passionate software developer and researcher from Brazil. The Blog Simple is Better Than Complex is the place where he make complex things easier to understand. His blog posts justify the title of his blog “Simple is Better Than Complex”. He makes use of comics style teaching for Django which every newcomers can easily understand.   I recommend  to every Django Newbie to starts from here.

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Learning Python is great but learning what data structure cause what effect is fairly necessary in building a Software or what technique should be used to quickly access the data is fairly important in the world of Competitive Programming. That’s what Dan does, He writes about Python that beautify your skills.

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Miguel Grinberg

Miguel Grinberg is a software engineer, photographer and filmmaker in Portland, Oregon, USA. Who mostly writes about Python. At first i was very motivated by his work and profession. He justify the title that age is just a Number what matters is your interest and learning will power and creative thinking. He writes the most popular SocketIO Integration for Flask(that provides socket IO Communication in Your apps) and author of the the Book Flask Web Development: Developing Web Applications with Python 2nd Edition.




This is the last one fairly most of the engineering student in India might be knowing this. The creator is Abhishek Ahlawat, what makes me fascinated about his articles and post is the target he is focused at of creating an real Engineering world in the college or university.  We started our blog with the same target of creating that environment in every engineering College, which is demanded by industry. He not only provides tutorial about the technologies that are being used in the industry but what makes me love his idea  is the Curious Section of StudyTonight. If ever had to chance to work with him, i would like to devote my time to work on the Target or Goal that we are having

Hope You like these magician If You

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