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Aftermath of Taking Over Git by Microsoft

Aftermath of Taking Over Git by Microsoft 1

The aftermath of Taking Over Git The world’s leading Version control Software for developer “Git” that was open source, is now owned by Microsoft. On the 4th of June, 2k18 Git and Microsoft announces that Microsoft is going to acquire…

Git Elements – Post 1

Linux Terminology basics you need to know

In the last tutorial, I have discussed about the Workflow of GIT. in this post i will be discussing various terminologies associated with GIT. Since there are lot’s of terms that are used in GIT, so it won’t be possible…

GitHub – A Wizard Hat

GitHub - A Wizard Hat 3

First of all a huge thanks for your response of the survey. Though some of the visitor being lazy and can’t spend just few minutes of their life to fill a form and hit submit button, because they were busy…