When AI Joins hands with Mobile Apps


Mobile apps have added a new milestone in the machine-human interaction. Artificial intelligence is taking the interaction to the next level. In the world of digitization, people are relying on their smartphones for quick and speedy solutions to the problems. The mobile app development faced a lot of challenges. However, most of the mobile apps failed to meet the expectation of the clients in terms of speed, performance, and user-friendliness. 

Artificial intelligence in smartphones have made apps like Apple’s Siri, Cortana have pulled the attention of general masses. These virtual assistants can interact with the users and manage tasks for the users. Artificial intelligence applications have made the mobile app development environment more integrated and supervised.

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The various advantages of incorporating AI with mobile apps are:

  • Artificial intelligence automates the monotonous tasks in the mobile app development process. It can automate the email responses and also create the content for the messages.
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning service have pushed the app performance to a great extent. Personalization is one of the areas where artificial intelligence has gained popularity. AI with the help of deep learning techniques can predict user behavior and serve the most relevant content.
  • Artificial intelligence applications leave no room for error. If artificial intelligence algorithms are programmed accurately, the possibility of errors can be reduced to a great extent.
  • Artificial intelligence applications are mobile friendly and platform independent. So, they can work on cross-platform without many changes in the code.

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Now, let us have a look at how artificial intelligence is benefiting the mobile app development.

Artificial Intelligence Benefiting Mobile App Development

  1. AI Incorporated Instant Apps

As every business is building its mobile app, the market is flooded with these mobile apps. With the limited amount of memory and space, it is not possible to install all the apps on the mobile phones. Google’s Android has also come up with the solution to this problem also. They introduced the concept of instant apps. Instant apps let you use the mobile apps without even downloading or installing them. These apps do not require memory and do not affect the performance of the android system. Artificial intelligence companies have succeeded in building such applications that can run without installation. However such apps are fewer in number but artificial intelligence research will certainly help in increasing the number of such apps.

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  1. Internet of Things and Mobile Apps

Internet of Things has become the latest trend and is developing over the time. Internet of Things is a collaboration of various electronic gadgets that share information among themselves on a common platform known as the cloud. Technology giants are heavily investing in the internet of things. These devices are controlled mainly by the mobile apps. Also, wearable gadgets have also become popular in the past few years. These gadgets also depend upon the mobile apps for data synchronization and data analysis. Data science service has helped in developing the apps that can be easily integrated with the IoT and wearable gadgets.

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  1. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is Google’s project in association with the Twitter. AMP is used to make the web pages load faster and be more responsive over the slower networks. These are lightweight web pages built using deep learning neural networks that are shown to the user on slower mobile networks. This concept of showing accelerated mobile pages is known as the lazy loading. AMP helps the developers to decrease the load time of the web pages. The better AMP score leads to better conversion rate, less bounce rate, and more customer retentivity.

  1. Personalizing User Experience

Many technology giants have taken the advantage of recommendation systems to personalize the user experience. Amazon, eBay, Alibaba have already used artificial intelligence to provide a better and personalized user experience. Artificial intelligence based apps are built with the algorithms that can understand the behaviour of the user with past searches and past experience. This data can also be used by the companies to understand the user preferences and his point of view towards the brand.


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  1. App Security

While building the application, developers sometimes neglect the most important aspect of app development that is security. The mobile app should be secure enough so that the user’s personal data is safe and is far from the reach of hackers and cybercriminals. App security features should be integrated right from the beginning of the app development. Data mining techniques are helping the app developers to detect any anomaly in the pattern of data usage of the application. So, it is important that the developers should keep in mind the multi-layer security pattern and also the authentication and authorization process to make the app more secure.

  1. Cloud-Based Mobile Apps

Mobile apps deal with a lot of user data. They store data on the mobile device in the form of backup and data to be used for future prediction. Machine Learning Techniques has helped the app developers to optimize the apps by storing the data on the cloud servers. Cloud servers have the ability to save tons of data. Moreover, they provide speed reliability and better data storage. This makes the app faster and reduces the loading time. Thereby improving the user experience.

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The role of artificial intelligence in mobile app development cannot be undermined. Mobile app development companies along with artificial intelligence companies are collaborating and building intelligent and user-friendly mobile applications. Artificial intelligence enabled apps to personalize the user content and serves the content that is most relevant to the user. Deep learning neural networks make the apps faster by improving the loading speed of the pages. Also, the apps become more secure as AI and machine learning algorithms makes it easier to understand any unauthenticated access in the application. Let us wait and see what artificial intelligence applications can do more in the app development.



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