10 Ways Workplace monitoring with Ethical Spy App made easy

Let us discuss Workplace monitoring with Ethical Spy App article in detail

Do we need workplace monitoring software? Few circumstances are in favour and don’t require a lot of surveillance. But in a few office environments, you have to be careful and watch out for the activities of your employees. It is not only about the leaking of confidential information, but many people sit there and waste a whole day. Therefore, it’s time to get rid of the unproductive resources from your team. It is as important as eliminating bugs from the software. To explore advanced solutions for employee time tracking, visit the Time Clock Wizard official website.

They are not bringing any good to you or your build. Therefore, get theonespy app and monitor all the activities of your employees. The app will enable you to limit your time on social media or testify about your interactions with strangers. The monitoring app is to facilitate businesses that have been trying to survive in a world that is full of fraudulent dealings and happenings that lead to the destruction of their company.

What is the role of the monitoring app in it?

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Business is all about surviving the market, making an exception and staying on the top. Maintaining your services by keeping your strategies secret is important. Any slip of the tongue or the conveying of the plans to strangers can become a long-term disaster for your business. To protect your company, install the Android monitoring software on all the official systems and mobile phones.

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How it will help you monitor employees?

The question is quite obvious. We are listing down the benefits and features an app is providing to organisations for keeping their workflow moving in the right direction. As many companies have the trend of using mobile phones and tablets for official use. Mostly the human resources (HR) department gets these facilities. Let us help you discover the features of the workplace monitoring software, so you can make a good decision at the right time.

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1. Remote Monitoring

TheOneSpy app will allow you to remotely monitor the target device. You don’t have to alarm the person and you can secretly know about their activities. Record them and save them for future evidence. Moreover, it is not necessary to be available on your system or you should keep your device alone. You can always get access through the web portal through the given credentials.

2. Messages

You can read complete thread conversations of the messages. It allows you to get access to social media messages and networks too. So, it is easy to track down their daily interactions through this and track any data leaks from your employees.

3. Contacts

You can access the contact details. Also, one can learn about the people they are calling most and listen to the conversations with clear sound. And without any interruption.

4. Location Tracker

GPS location tracking will help you know their whereabouts especially when they are out for any office work. You can reach them anytime from anywhere. Location tracker requires accuracy and TheOnespy is providing it to their users.

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5. Camera through bugging

Access the camera by bugging and recording the surroundings. Get the visuals that may not be so accurate, but clear enough to guess the place and community. The camera may be able to record the background, and even the person if used by employees frequently.

6. Media Files

You can sneak into their gallery and access all media files. So, in case they are misguiding or misinforming you by any means – you will know about it. You can identify any media that can potentially leak the details of your organisation with secrets or other things.

7. Block Apps, websites or numbers

The bonus feature is to block the websites that are the reason for their time-wasting or the ones that can cause severe damage to your organisation in any way. Easily manage the blocking of sites for all employees, old as well new.

8. Call recordings

Record all the calls and always stay alert about their interactions with anyone. So, call recordings are the sort of help in all the way. For organisations with call-based services, it can also help track employee performance and behaviour.

9. Surround Recordings

Surround recording will help you guess the place they are and the ambience to know they are not backstabbing you while dealing with your competitors.

10. Browsing History

Learn about their browsing. Where are they investing their time and how they are using it in favour of or against you? They can be browsing your competitor which is fine, but not when they are browsing any phishing sites by mistake, which can let someone steal the secrets of your organization.


TheOnespy app is not only affordable but provides accuracy in data transmission. You can utilize the best features to monitor your employees without any hassles or problems. So, install the workplace monitoring software and enjoy the benefits.

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