Why Tokyo is becoming a Hotspot for Overseas Work Experience

As the global job market grows more and more competitive, work experience is becoming an increasingly popular way of breaking into a given industry. Some even take an internship overseas in order to combine work experience with a new cultural experience, enabling them to develop into a more fully-rounded character in the meantime.

Tokyo has become a particular hotspot for interns seeking work experience abroad. With its quirky culture and booming economy, the city offers the chance for interns to discover something truly unique. Here are the top reasons why Tokyo is becoming a hotspot for overseas work experience.

Global Firms in Tokyo

Tokyo is the largest metropolitan area in the world; accordingly, there’ll be new opportunities waiting wherever you turn. 

A global powerhouse for tech and engineering, Tokyo is home to countless major firms, including Sony and Toyota; in fact, Tokyo hosts 36 of the top Fortune Global 500 companies, and the chance to intern with one of these major firms is part of what makes the city such an attractive destination. Many large Japanese firms offer fantastic internship programs in the hopes of training up the next generation of talent. 

Having one of these firms on your CV or resume will be hugely impressive to future employers. If you’re lucky, you might even secure a full-time role with your company, allowing you to stay in Tokyo and begin a successful career in your chosen industry. Either way, an internship with a Tokyo-based firm will be a major career boost.

Alternatively, you might want to get your experience with one of Tokyo’s many fledgling start-ups and SMEs. You don’t need to work for a global firm to gain world-class work experience; Tokyo is packed full of unique work opportunities for you to take advantage of. The reality is that any kind of international internship will be looked upon favorably by employers, and none more so than in the thriving capital of Tokyo.

Innovation and Investment

It’s not just the firms that make Tokyo such a hotspot for overseas work experience: it’s the work culture itself. 

Some experts predict that we’re heading into the Asian Century, a period in which Asia is dominant on the world stage. And Tokyo is one of the engines at the heart of this economic powerhouse. Investment is pouring into the city, drawing in students and young professionals from all across the globe, and new firms are springing up every day. It’s a fertile, ideas-rich environment in which to learn and grow.

Japanese work culture is unique and may be somewhat different from what you’re used to. Generally speaking, Japanese work culture tends to focus on the group rather than the individual. Managers and colleagues are regularly consulted over the smallest of decisions; this creates a collegiate environment in which every voice is heard.

This is good news if you’re at the start of your career. Sometimes, work experience will see you undertaking a large list of tasks without much guidance; or, worse still, making the coffee while the full-time employees do all the work. But working in Tokyo, you can be sure that you’ll have the support and supervision you need to learn the ropes of your chosen industry. Surrounded by colleagues with years of experience, you’ll be part of a close-knit team taking joint decisions. And you’ll soon understand the decision-making process at every level, helping your own professional development.

Cultural Experiences

Of course, Tokyo doesn’t just offer fantastic work experience. Part of the appeal is the exciting culture. After all, the reason you take an internship abroad is partly to soak up another way of life.

You’ll be amazed by the breadth of what Tokyo has to offer. From ancient temples to glass skyscrapers, old and new intertwine in Tokyo to create something unmistakably Japanese. No two experiences of Tokyo are ever the same, and this is what makes it so appealing to young professionals. 

Learning to adapt to a brand-new culture will boost your development, too. Practically everything about Tokyo will probably be radically different from what you’re used to. But spend a bit of time here and you’ll soon get in the groove of things. Once you’ve worked here, you can work anywhere: adaptability is both a good life skill and a highly appealing trait in a candidate.


Tokyo is undergoing an international resurgence, and there are no signs of it stopping any time soon. From major firms recruiting across the globe to unique cultural delights, it’s no wonder that interns are heading to the city to get their first experience in their chosen industry. An immersive experience here won’t only look good on your CV or resume; you’ll also grow both personally and professionally, adapting to a new way of living and working. Best of all, you’ll emerge from the city ready to take your career to the next level. If you like the sound of an internship in Tokyo, why not try one of Beyond Academy’s Tokyo internships? Offering work experience across 18 different industries, you’ll soon find the right program for you. And with a host of extra career guidance and tips, you’ll have the support you need to launch your career with a bang. If you’d like to find out more, you can visit their website.

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